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Kerri Lynn Ackerly

I am interested in the relationships between swimming and feeding performance in weakly electric fishes. My current work focuses on the trade-offs between swim performance and active sensing in weakly electric fishes when dissolved oxygen concentrations become limited. I am also exploring the relationship between body shape and swimming performance among closely related, morphologically distinct species of African mormyrids. I am also currently studying the feeding kinematics of numerous species of South American and African weakly electric fishes.

Email: kerri.l.ackerly@hofstra.edu  

Website: kerrilynnackerly.weebly.com

I am studying the feeding kinematics among African elephantnose fishes.

Email: ffg4@cornell.edu

Leah Andren

I am studying the feeding kinematics of black ghost knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons).



My lab is interested in the evolution and functional morphology of vertebrates. We are investigating how new behaviors and functions evolve. In my laboratory we use swimming and feeding in fishes to address fundamental questions such as how do changes in anatomy or function affect performance? For more information regarding my research please feel free to contact me.


Francesca Giammona


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